Developing first time managers

Organisations that understand the complexities of transitioning into first time management roles ensure the right support mechanisms are in place. They invest in developing the core skills, behaviours and mind-set newly appointed managers need to succeed.

TACK’s Management Essentials and The New Manager development programmes provide first time managers with the foundations they need to successfully transition, accelerating their development and allowing them to perform effectively in their role.

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Authentic leadership is more than a lofty phrase. It’s about values, being true to those values and leading by example. Truly authentic leaders recognise the importance of these attributes in building trust, instilling confidence and inspiring others to perform at their best.

TACK’s Authentic Leadership development programme encourages leaders to explore their natural leadership style, reflect on how they are perceived by others and learn how to adapt their style to meet the demands of the role and needs of their team whilst retaining the authenticity needed to inspire.

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Successful leaders know how to get the best from their teams. They know how to motivate teams to give 100% effort; ensuring high performance and results, even during challenging periods.

TACK’S Motivating Teams development programme enhances leadership capability by providing managers and leaders with the kitbag of skills, techniques and behaviours to motivate individuals and teams to perform at the highest levels whilst helping them to become even better leaders.

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Experienced leaders know that an element of conflict and disagreement is healthy – challenging teams and individuals to get the best results. However, they are also mindful that too much can be destructive – damaging engagement and performance.

TACK’s Conflict Management programme helps managers and leaders to harness differences to improve performance whilst skillfully eliminating the destructive power of too much conflict through early identification and resolution.

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Making well-informed and timely decisions that achieve the best results for your business and team is a core management and leadership activity. It requires clarity, confidence and conviction.

TACK’s Decision Making and Problem Solving development programme uses proven problem solving techniques and decision making processes to provide managers and leaders with a comprehensive understanding of how good business decisions are made.

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Resilience is a core competency that all managers and leaders, both from a personal and leadership perspective, need to have in their toolkit. Those that have mastered this skill are better equipped to lead their teams to perform in today’s increasingly complex and challenging environment.

TACK’s Building Resilient Teams programme outlines the role of the leader in safeguarding the wellbeing of his or her team. It explores the link between well-being and resilience, allowing leaders to assess the personal resilience of individual team members and entire teams, identifying ways in which to boost resilience to keep teams engaged and performing at optimum levels.

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Your sales team is the face of your business; able to make or break customer relationships and business reputations. A sales team needs to be focused, directed, energised and engaged. They need strong and supportive leadership.

TACK’s Sales Management development programme provides your sales leaders with everything they need to motivate, develop and manage high performing sales teams.

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Successful leaders are skilled communicators. They understand the power of effective communications in persuasively and positively influencing the decisions of others. They also recognise the need adapt their approach and messaging to gain buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders.

TACK’s Influencing and Communication development programme teaches the techniques leaders need to communicate effectively and persuasively to influence the thinking and actions of others to deliver results.

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When it comes to Health and Safety, a culture of zero harm has to be a priority that runs throughout the business. Organisations that achieve this focus on developing a culture where everyone takes responsibility for Health and Safety.

TACK’s Behavioural Based Safety solutions bring a different perspective to Health and Safety, looking at safety through the lens of mind-set and human behaviour rather than simply processes or technical solutions.

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We take time to listen and understand you, your business culture and your aspirations for the future. Our questioning and diagnostic tools get to the root of your business issues, allowing us to design the right solutions for you and your people to ensure your business ambitions are realised.


We know that for learning to be effective it needs to be practical and engaging. We also know it’s about changing attitudes and behaviours. Our focus on practical solutions, tools and techniques allow your people to quickly put newly learned skills into practice to deliver immediate and lasting results.


Return on investment for your learning and development initiatives is truly as important to us at TACK as it is to you and your organisation. We go the extra mile to embed learning, providing you and your people with the support, tools, coaching and guidance to make sure learning sticks and outcomes are achieved.

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