Developing personal resilience

A degree of pressure can enhance team or individual performance. Too much however, can completely derail it. Teams that thrive in pressurised situations are resilient teams. They understand what their optimum level of pressure is and have developed strategies that allow them to remain in control and perform.

TACK’s Resilience and Wellbeing development programme explores the link between personal resilience, wellbeing and performance, providing teams with practical tools to build resilience, safeguard their wellbeing and thrive under pressure.

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Leaner organisations, increased workloads, competing deadlines, constant emails and “always available??? expectations require employees to become masters at prioritisation to manage their time and their stakeholders effectively.

TACK’s Time Management and Personal Effectiveness development programme increases the productivity of teams and individuals by providing the tools and techniques needed to regain control of time, plan and prioritise effectively and eliminate distractions to ensure key business projects are delivered on time.

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Whether delivering a speech to a large audience, holding a team meeting, pitching for new business or presenting a new strategy to the board, skilled presenters know how to capture their audience’s attention. They’re experts at storytelling, delivering their message with impact, confidence and conviction.

TACK’S Presentation Skills development programme removes the dread that often accompanies having to deliver presentations by providing employees with everything they need including how to harness nervous energy to design and deliver impactful presentations.

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Whether working in a cross functional team, a matrix organisation or even the need to manage up, excellent relationship and communication skills and the ability to influence others to achieve a business strategy, goal or plan are a must.

TACK’s Influencing and Communications development programme provides employees with the complete toolkit of skills needed to effectively engage and communicate persuasively with different personality types. Focusing on the importance of developing strong working relationships, this programme helps individuals present their point of view clearly to positively influence others.

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Developing and maintaining positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders is a business critical skill. It requires understanding of differences, early identification of potential areas of conflict and the skills, techniques and confidence to quickly prevent it from boiling over into something more disruptive.

TACK’s Conflict Management development programme helps managers, leaders and individuals to harness differences to improve performance whilst skilfully eliminating the destructive power of too much conflict through early identification and resolution.

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Profitable organisations focus on developing the commercial acumen of their employees. They ensure that basic business finance is understood throughout the business so that employees understand the impact of commercial decisions on their profitability of their business unit and the overall organisation.

TACK’s Finance for Non Finance People development programme introduces individuals to the key concepts of business finance, allowing them to develop a better understanding of how businesses are run and introducing key financial information to allow them to make better business decisions.

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Before During After Approach


We take time to listen and understand you, your business culture and your aspirations for the future. Our questioning and diagnostic tools get to the root of your business issues, allowing us to design the right solutions for you and your people to to ensure your business ambitions are realised.


We know that for learning to be effective it needs to be practical and engaging. We also know it’s about changing attitudes and behaviours. Our focus on practical solutions, tools and techniques allow your people to quickly put newly learned skills into practice to deliver immediate and lasting results.


Return on investment for your learning and development initiatives is truly as important to us at TACK as it is to you and your organisation. We go the extra mile to embed learning, providing you and your people with the support, tools, coaching and guidance to make sure learning sticks and outcomes are achieved.

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