Improving sales success

Successful salespeople differentiate their products and services from the competition. They are consultative, understand their customers, their needs and adapt their approach accordingly to close even the most complex of deals.

TACK’s PRO-PAYBACK Selling®  and PRO-PAYBACK Selling® in Action training programmes equip your salespeople with the skills, know-how and a proven methodology to win more business, exceed targets and ensure long-term success for individuals, teams and your organisation.

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Key account managers are skilled at growing and retaining accounts. They are relationship experts, networking throughout an account; uncovering new opportunities and transforming the relationship from supplier into trusted partner, growing revenues as they do so and keeping the competition out.

TACK’s Key Account Management and Consultative Selling programmes focus on enhancing the skills of experienced sales professionals. From understanding the implications of the account landscape, uncovering hidden opportunities to offering solutions that address customers’ most burning issues, your salespeople and your company will be elevated to trusted advisors who continuously add value.

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All customers expect more for less. Seasoned salespeople are masters of negotiation. They skillfully turn the typical positional negotiation into a cooperative discussion, resulting in a win-win for all parties and protecting your margins.

TACK’S Value Driven Negotiation programme provides your salespeople with the strategies and skills to confidently negotiate with a wide range of stakeholders. Teams will recognise the tactics employed by others, learn how respond accordingly and resist the urge to concede on price by exploring other commercially viable concessions.

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Generating new business starts with getting in front of decision makers. But that’s not easy. Salespeople need to grab attention, differentiate themselves from the the competition and quickly build rapport to hit new business development targets.

TACK’s Appointment Making programme develops the skills your teams, or anyone responsible for generating new business meetings, need to build a pipeline of qualified opportunities with the right people.

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Sales is changing. Top performing teams know this and have adapted their approach accordingly. Telephone selling and selling through digital channels such as LinkedIn form part of their day to day sales activities and allow them to win even more business.

TACK’s Professional Telephone Selling and Digital Selling programmes open the doors to new sales channels and give your sales people the confidence, skills and ready to implement strategies that engage buyers and deliver immediate results.

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Motivated and committed distribution partners, licensees and partnerships are highly profitable sales channel. The relationship between Channel Manager and your network is key. Excellent channel management and relationship skills are needed to encourage teams to deliver outstanding results.

TACK’S Selling Through Distributors programme provides Channel Managers with everything they need to build effective relationships with distribution networks so that they work as an extension to your sales teams.

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Your sales team is the face of your business, able to make or break customer relationships and business reputations. A sales team needs to be focused, directed, energised and engaged. They need strong and supportive leadership.

TACK’s Sales Management Programmes  provides your sales leaders with everything they need to motivate, develop and manage high performing sales teams.

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Before During After Approach


We take time to listen and understand you, your business culture and your aspirations for the future. Our questioning and diagnostic tools get to the root of your business issues, allowing us to design the right solutions for you and your people to to ensure your business ambitions are realised.


We know that for learning to be effective it needs to be practical and engaging. We also know it’s about changing attitudes and behaviours. Our focus on practical solutions, tools and techniques allow your people to quickly put newly learned skills into practice to deliver immediate and lasting results.


Return on investment for your learning and development initiatives is truly as important to us at TACK as it is to you and your organisation. We go the extra mile to embed learning, providing you and your people with the support, tools, coaching and guidance to make sure learning sticks and outcomes are achieved.

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